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We offer highly competitive rates for our fees and take pride in our mission to provide high quality employment law services at a price that the average employee can afford. We are able to do this because we operate a business model focusing on our core strength in our area of expertise in employment law, we are a modern and dynamic business embracing technology solutions and because we have significantly smaller overhead costs compared to your average law firm.

We offer a number of options for funding your case depending on your circumstances. We offer an initial free consultation at the outset where we will discuss your case and legal fees with you and offer you one or more funding options for your case. We may request to see relevant documents in your case as part of our initial free consultation. We will always be clear and transparent about our fees at the outset of your case so you can be rest assured you won't receive any unexpected bills from us.


As the name suggests no-win-no-fee is when you only pay our fees if there is a successful outcome in the case. This is a  good way for employees to obtain legal representation as you don't pay anything upfront and only pay our fees if we succeed in getting you compensation in your case. The fees under a no-win-no-fee arrangement would be a percentage of the compensation obtained in the case. For example a 20% no-win-no-fee arrangement would mean if we got you £10,000 compensation in your case our fees would be £2,000. No-win-no-fee is not suitable for every case; we will let you know if we can offer you a no-win-no-fee option in your case.  


Fixed fees are those where the level of the fees is fixed at the beginning of the case to a set amount for a particular piece of work. Many employees prefer fixed fees as these offer certainty about what the legal costs will be to you at the outset regardless of the outcome or how long the matter takes to conclude thereby avoiding any surprises. We can offer fixed fees in most cases and we can also offer a mixture of a fixed fee combined with a percentage funding arrangement i.e. a no-win-low-fee. We will let you know in advance the exact amount of fixed fees we can offer you in your case.


Hourly rate fees are the traditional method of paying for solicitors fees where you would pay a set hourly rate for all work done in the case. The total payable would therefore depend on how much time was spent working on your case for things such as reading the paperwork, telephone calls, writing correspondence and preparing documents. 


Settlement agreement fees are normally paid by the employer so we won't charge you anything for dealing with your settlement agreement. The agreement will specify the level of the legal fees the employer will pay us which usually ranges between £350 to £600 depending on the case.


All cases are different so it is not possible to have a comprehensive and pre-set schedule of our fees before speaking to you and understanding your situation but as an example and to give you a broad indication, our fees for an unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal case could generally range from 20 to 35% on a no-win-no-fee basis, or £500 to £2,500 plus 20% on a mixed fixed fee and percentage basis, or £2,000 to £5,000 on a fixed fee basis or £250 to £300 per hour on an hourly rate basis.

The level of the fees would depend on a number of circumstances and may be tiered to the stages of the case such as pre-claim negotiations, ACAS early conciliation and a pursuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal. The fees we quote you would be inclusive of any applicable VAT but exclusive of any disbursements costs you may incur in your case. Disbursements costs are third party costs such as barristers fees or fees for obtaining medical reports if these were necessary in your case. The level of disbursements costs would be determined by the third party and therefore not in our control but we would let you know about any disbursements costs beforehand and would not incur any such costs on your behalf without first seeking your agreement. You can be rest assured the work in your case will always be lead by a senior solicitor with many years experience of representing clients in employment law cases. 

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