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Our mission at Walmley Solicitors is simple: to stand up for rights of employees. We specialise in helping employees facing problems in the workplace, negotiating exit packages and pursuing claims in the Employment Tribunal.

We are experts in all areas of employment law; we don't do anything else. Our team has many years experience representing employees from across the country in all industries and have obtained millions of pounds in compensation over the years.


About us


We are passionate about securing justice for employees who have been badly treated at work. There are many good law firms representing employers but very few that only represent employees providing high quality legal services in a pricing structure that individuals can afford. We are seeking to redress that imbalance.


 Our costs


We offer a free initial consultation and offer  genuine no-win-no-fee funding arrangements depending on your circumstances. We also offer fixed fees and traditional hourly rate options as well in other cases.  


We have featured in

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Contact us

0121 517 0459


Floor 21

Alpha Works

Alpha Tower

Suffolk Street Queensway


B1 1TT

Meeting by appointment only.


Walmley Solicitors is a trading name of Walmley Legal Limited.

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulated Authority 655903.  


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